Are Vetii|GROUP Products Compatible with Vorne XLv2?

The Vorne XLv2 platform does not provide the functions and features to make the OEESuite product offerings compatible with the support currently provided for the XLv1 platform.

The OEESuite software consists of four main components:

XL Bolt-On Data Collector and OEE Alert interact directly with the Vorne XLv1 devices and are therefore impacted by the move from XLv1 to XLv2.

Vorne XLv1 provides data in two streams: intervals (jobs/parts, shifts) and events (run, down, etc.).  In short, it represents data in entities immediately usable by the business (‘business ready data’).

Additionally, Vorne Industries has published APIs (HTTP based, to query data, and a TCP protocol, Type II) that allow access to the data and settings in the Vorne XLv1.

The Vorne XLv1 device also provides tools to interactively query data within the device, in a user friendly format (SQL based), allowing cross verification and troubleshooting of the internal data.

Vorne XLv2 has been re-architected from the ground up, not providing the same level of access (and functionality) that XLv1 provides.  It is still being developed and enhanced, at times introducing breaking changes (i.e. data fields being renamed, removed or represented differently).

The XLv2 data format made available is not ‘business ready’: it is presented in a highly fragmented manner, which the data consumer has to reconstitute into jobs/parts, shifts and events.

When Vorne Industries first announced XLv2, they asked us to make the OEESuite available for XLv2 (this was over 3 years ago). A new API into the XLv2 was made available, but is quite limited and incomplete.

A core requirement is to convert the XLv2 data into a format that represents it in a meaningful way to the business. This task falls to the XL Bolt-On Data Collector, which attempts to translate the XLv2 data into the XLv1 format, so OEE Alert can visualize it and OEE Studio can analyze it.

OEE Alert needs to find alternatives for the APIs it is using for XLv1, for its interactions with the Vorne devices.

At this point in time, there still is no production ready XLv2 XL Bolt-On Data Collector. There is a beta version, but the transformation of data needed is complex.

OEE Alert was updated to support much of what we did for XLv1, but to do so, needed to rely on interactions with the Vorne XLv2 that fell outside the published (supported) API. In addition, with new changes introduced in each new firmware versions, we had to keep making changes to our software to track those.

We looked at this from a business perspective and concluded it did not make business sense to support XLv2 in light of ongoing flux. The lack of tools to easily cross verify data with the XLv2 also played into this.