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Visual Presentation and Integration

We'll have you up and running within a couple of hours visualizing your production data without the need for custom programming. Providing out-of-the box solutions!

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OEE Studio

OEE Studio provides you the ability to understand your production data in ways that let you quickly gather only the most relevant information that's needed. Focus your efforts on identifying problem-solving solutions with true data rather than assumptions. Get started today! Visit our website for report and screen samples: OEE Studio

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OEE Alert is a browser-based intranet application that lets you see ALL of your Vorne XL(v1) devices on a single screen. Using both the XL Bolt-On Data Collector and direct access of your XL(v1) devices, we provide you with both up-to-date operational information as well as historical perspectives. Visit our website: OEE Alert

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OEE Connect

OEE Connect is no longer available provides the connection between the plant floor and enterprise. With today's emphasis on real-time data from the plant floor, we can help you collect data from all of your production assets and connect that data with your enterprise system.


Inter-Device Communications and Infrastructure

Extending the capabilities of your automation equipment. Providing the tools to move data real-time between the XL(v1) devices, databases or other automation equipment. Fast and Easy!

Data Collector

XL Bolt-On Data Collector completely automates the task of reading data from Vorne XL(v1) devices and storing it in a database. This eliminates the need for manual data gathering or custom programming allowing you to focus on improvement activities.

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Data Link

XL Bolt-On Data Link provides the tools to move data from automation equipment to Vorne XL(v1) devices on the manufacturing floor. This application drives and routes data between the Vorne XL(v1) devices, databases and other technologies. No programming required! Just browse OPC Tags and select different options for moving data in real-time.

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OPC Server

XL Bolt-On OPC Server handles all communication with the Vorne XL(v1) devices so that you can read and write data values using your favorite OPC Client tools for bridging, paging, visualization, etc.

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Display Viewer

XL Bolt-On Display Viewer communicates with the Vorne XL(v1) devices, continuously fetches live views and renders these images in windows on your PC's monitor. See live data from multiple XLv1 displays on your desktop or LCD/Plasma TV displays in break rooms, hallways or anywhere.

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XL Bolt-On XLator

XL Bolt-On XLator is a small hardware device that translates (XLates) arbitrary barcode scans into a format that conforms to the Vorne XL(v1) Type-1 protocol. When users of the Vorne XL(v1) technologies want to scan barcodes that are printed by systems other than the Vorne XL(v1)s embedded webpage (like Downtime Reason Codes or Work Orders), it is necessary to intercept the barcode characters and encapsulate these characters so that the Vorne XL(v1) will know what to do with them. By scanning a non-Vorne barcode without this interceptor the Vorne XL(v1) will reject the scan outright.