Are Vetii|GROUP Products Compatible with Vorne XLv2?

The Vorne XLv2 platform is completely different from the Vorne XLv1 and therefore is not compatible with products made for the Vorne XLv1 platform.

The current OEESuite software consists of four main components:

XL Bolt-On Data Collector and OEE Alert interact directly with the Vorne XLv1 devices and are therefore impacted by the move from XLv1 to XLv2.

Vorne XLv1 provides data in two streams: intervals (jobs/parts, shifts) and events (run, down, etc.).  In short, it represents data in entities immediately usable by the business (‘business ready data’).

Additionally, Vorne Industries has published APIs (HTTP based, to query data, and a TCP protocol, Type II) that allow access to the data and settings in the Vorne XLv1.

The Vorne XLv1 device also provides tools to interactively query data within the device, in a user friendly format (SQL based), allowing cross verification and troubleshooting of the internal data.

Vorne XLv2 has been re-architected from the ground up.  In the process of accommodating new data elements and production metrics, the data format in XLv2 is much more complex.

A core requirement is to convert the XLv2 data into a format that represents it in a meaningful way to the business. This task falls to the XL Bolt-On Data Collector, which attempts to translate the XLv2 data into the XLv1 format, so OEE Alert can visualize it and OEE Studio can analyze it.

We looked at this from a business perspective and concluded that the current versions of the OEE Suite products will continue to only support the Vorne XLv1 firmeware.

Published February 1, 2020: Updated March 1, 2020, updated March 25, 2020